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Please select the type of irrigation service that you are requesting. We are only accepting online scheduling for Spring Activations at this time.

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Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler systems are essential to maintaining lawns and gardens. Tanner Irrigation provides homeowners with professional sprinkler systems. We also provide homeowners and landscapers with the ability to maintain lawns and gardens through accurate irrigation.

Our company was established in 1987, when we installed our first lawn sprinkler system in Richmond, Virginia. Over the past several years, we have continued installation and service of irrigation systems throughout the area. We use quality materials and workmanship during our installations and service repairs.

We will strive become the leading provider of landscape irrigation systems in the Richmond metropolitan area. We are focused on installing and servicing lawn sprinkler systems in a manner consistent with professional standards. 


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Virginia Certifications

Class A Contractor - 2705151057
Master Plumber - 2710060289
Backflow Device Worker - 2717057669

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